Matt Kuchar had to be kidding on Monday, right? Kuchar was named a United States captain’s pick for the 2016 Ryder Cup by captain Davis Love III and then joined Love, Rickie Fowler and J.B. Holmes on a conference call to discuss the event.

Kuchar clearly struggled to get his Skype account working so he could join in on the call at one point referring to what was on his computer as “the world wide web.” So I’m not sure if he was just messing with everyone when he threw out Tiger Woods, who is one of Love’s vice captains, as the potential final captain’s pick which Love will make in two weeks.

“Right now, there’s a guy like Bubba Watson not getting picked and I think he’s top 10 in the world,” said Kuchar .”I heard, even possibly, this is hearsay, but I heard maybe even Tiger Woods could potentially be a pick. That would be legend-ary, legendary.”

These are real quotes!

“That’s just hearsay. It could strictly be rumor. But I mean, I know he’s playing Safeway. Imagine Tiger Woods being a playing captain, absolutely incredible. That last pick is going to be quite amazing. I don’t envy Davis’ position. So it’s a tough job. But gosh, imagine that, Tiger Woods playing for Team USA, being a captain, that would be incredible.”

This will obviously never happen because Woods has not played in a tournament in over a year, but it was still pretty weird and I guess humorous that Kuchar tossed it out there. Who knows, though. With the way he described his Skype setup, he might have thought the camera and/or microphone was turned off. Or maybe the biggest practical joker on the U.S. team was getting a head start on Hazeltine.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Matt Kuchar suggests Tiger Woods could still be Ryder Cup captain’s pick