In a press conference on Sunday, Milwaukee Bucks forward Mirza Teletovic found himself apologizing for an incident between him and his 17-year-old Bosnia and Herzegovina national team teammate, Dzanan Musa. He had already apologized the night before, after the game between Bosnia and Russia in the EuroBasket 2017 qualifiers, but with something as unusual as this, the story doesn’t just go away.

Here’s what happened in Saturday’s game:

  • Late in the fourth quarter, Musa and Russia’s Timofey Mozgov had to be separated. Getting in Mozgov’s face didn’t seem like the smartest idea, but hey, 17-year-olds make dangerous decisions.
  • On the next possession, Musa took an elbow from Russia’s Sergey Karasev and, a moment later, fell to the floor. It looked like a flop, but a team of trainers attended to him.
  • Musa got up, and then immediately got in some sort of argument with Teletovic. The two teammates had to be separated. Video here:
  • The two of them went to the bench for a timeout, and Musa buried his face in a teammate’s jersey. Then he put a towel over his head. It’s possible that he was crying.

Here’s the full video:

[embedded content]

Here’s how Teletovic described the whole thing, via

“Sometimes there are tensions like that in a team. I’ve spent my life representing the national team of Bosnia. I have been playing for 13 years for the team. I never behaved like that or provoked someone. I have always represented Bosnia in the best light. I wouldn’t want to present a wrong picture of myself.”

“I don’t want to say who is to blame or whether someone is guilty. We played our game for 38 minutes and then we lost. But at the end of the game we had an opportunity to get a result on seven or eight possessions. This is men’s basketball on a senior level. You have to try and calm your passions, you have to try to win. I said to Dzanan that everything is OK, urged him to calm down and told him that we’ve got some time to win the match. I am the captain of the national team and I’ve been here for 13 years. And he, the youngest player in the squad, begins cursing me and insulting me. It is simply impossible to continue after such an incident. But I am sorry I reacted the way I did. All I want to say is that such kind of things will never happen again, ever.”

Bosnia and Herzegovina head coach Damir Mulaomerovic called Teletovic’s role in the incident “inexcusable” because he is the captain of the team. Good news, though: The two of them appear to have already smoothed things over — together, they recorded a video apologizing for what happened, and they posted it to their respective Facebook pages. Hooray.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Mirza Teletovic might have made his 17-year-old Bosnian teammate cry