On Tuesday, Braves general manager John Coppolella partook in a Twitter Q&A on the team’s official account.

Predictably, most of Coppolella’s time was spent praising his players, prospects, and underlings rather than addressing important topics — like his disorganized bookshelf. Still, there were a few noteworthy exceptions, including this response about the Braves’ offseason plans:

Executive prattle? Possibly. But it’s easy to imagine the Braves taking an aggressive approach to this winter’s free-agent market. After all, their youth movement seems to be headed in the right direction, and there’s the matter of filling that new ballpark come spring.

So which free agents might Coppolella target? Here are three guesses.

Justin Turner makes sense as a Braves target. USATSI

Justin Turner 3B / Los Angeles Dodgers

PA: 549OPS+: 125WAR: 4.6

Justin Turner has been an All-Star-caliber third baseman since joining the Dodgers. He’s dealt with injury issues, sure, but he’s also hit .295/.364/.496 — good for a 137 OPS+. Turner would give the Braves a middle-of-the-order threat and a multi-year fix at the hot corner — which, with due respect to Rio Ruiz, is not something the organization has at this point in time.

Matt Wieters C / Baltimore Orioles

PA: 401OPS+: 83WAR: 0.8

Matt Wieters is going to be tied to the Braves until he retires for one simple reason: he attended Georgia Tech University. It helps that he would fill an obvious need for Atlanta behind the plate, where the Braves lack a good internal alternative. The catch is that Wieters in the midst of a career-worst season, so the Braves will have to be sold on his ability to bounce back from a disappointing 2016.

Is Yoenis Cespedes a pie-in-the-sky target? Probably — and there’s no guarantee he opts out of his Mets deal. But it wouldn’t be shocking if the Braves pursued another corner outfielder with thump — even if it meant having to trade Nick Markakis. Heck, perhaps especially if it meant having to trade Nick Markakis.

Keep in mind, this is all guesswork on our part. One name, however, is not — and that’s because Coppolella hinted at it himself:

So there you have it. The Braves might’ve missed out on Tim Tebow, but they could still sign the league’s first Pokemon. Oh, and yes — that’s a baseball executive tweeting about Harambe. What a time to be alive, folks.

Source: CBS Sports / Braves GM says he’s planning to sign impactful free agents and here’s who might fit