In less than two weeks’ time, Vin Scully will broadcast his final game from Dodgers Stadium. About a week later, he’ll call his final game period. We now know those statements to be facts.

There had been hope that Scully would continue to call Dodgers games on the radio until the end of their postseason run — a run that would, ideally, culminate with a World Series berth. On Tuesday, however, Scully ended that dream, per the Los Angeles Times:

“I’m going to say goodbye at Dodger Stadium, the last game with Colorado. I will say goodbye in San Francisco. And then that will be it.”

That means Scully’s broadcasting career will indeed with the regular season on Oct. 2 — a bittersweet revelation. On the one hand, it’s the end of Scully’s seemingly eternal presence in baseball.

On the other, Scully has earned the right to say when he’s finished — and he has a touching reason for doing so here. Scully notes that his final game will come 80 years to the day he picked up interest in the game. What’s more is his final game will include the Giants, the team he became a fan of growing up in New York (albeit before their relocation out west).

If this is when and how Scully wants to go out — and it’s fitting in a few senses — then who are we to say otherwise?

So here’s the deal: if you want to hear Scully call a game or two, make sure to tune in over the coming weeks. As it turns out, these really will be your last chances.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Legendary broadcaster Vin Scully reveals why he won’t call Dodgers postseason games