Hank Aaron! The baseball luminary of course graced us with great baseball for more than a quarter century. Being as he is a national treasure, there’s never a bad time to toss some hosannas his way. What occasions this round of Hank Aaron appreciation? The culprit is the following GIF of Mr. Aaron taking some casual hacks in the cage, which comes to us courtesy of @TewksHitting. Please better yourself with some technicolor footage …

Let’s appreciate a few things about this moving image …

  • Mr. Aaron, in accordance with his baseball druthers, was not wearing batting gloves.
  • He was also — hills be shaken — carrying his outfielder’s glove in his back pocket while taking his cuts. If the ballplayer in your family doesn’t already do this, then go and change that now.
  • These were the days when credentialed onlookers could smoke on the field. Those were good days.
  • That may or may not be the great Roberto Clemente strolling by in the background. Let’s say it is for purposes of uplift.
  • It bears repeating that he’s got his baseball glove in his back darn pocket.
  • If you add Hank Aaron’s hits, home runs, runs scored, RBI, doubles, triples, stolen bases, times hit by pitch, postseason home runs, and Gold Gloves together then you get the sum of 10,000. That doesn’t expressly have anything to do with the image above, but it’s something you need to know. Happy to help.

This has been a periodic appreciation of Hank Aaron, who quite possibly right now has a baseball glove in the back pocket of his tailored suit.

Source: CBS Sports / LOOK: Let’s appreciate the greatness of this Hank Aaron GIF