DeAngelo Williams isn’t one for excuses. Yes, he’s 33, a geriatric by NFL running back standards, but that didn’t keep him from doing his job on Monday night when he steamrolled the Redskins for 143 yards on 26 carries and two touchdowns.

And Williams expects the same quality of service when it comes to his food.

Over the weekend, according to TMZ, a bartender at Ledo Restaurant in College Park, Maryland, took to Facebook to rip Williams for being cheap.

“Just now at work I had DeAngelo Williams come in and I waited on while tending bar,” the bartender wrote. “His check was $128.25. He left me $129 with no tip but 75 cents. So there you go [sic] Stealers fans, your running back is cheap as s**t!!! Smh.”

Williams caught wind of this and wasted little time defending himself.

Not surprisingly, this led to many Heated Twitter Discussions, though at least one server came to Williams’ defense.

Jimmy Marcos, a co-owner at the restaurant, later told TMZ that the server had been fired because “We were in the wrong” and “the customer is always right.” Marcos added: “I want to offer anything I can do. I’ll be sure to apologize in person next time he visits and pick up his next meal.”

Source: CBS Sports / Waitress calls out DeAngelo Williams for his 75-cent tip and then gets fired