Even President Barack Obama couldn’t escape the wrath of a Philadelphia-based Eagles crowd. On Tuesday, Obama endured boos when he reminded the crowd of his allegiance to the Bears.

Speaking at a rally for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Obama eased himself into the NFL talk by complimenting Eagles rookie quarterback Carson Wentz, who threw two touchdowns in his NFL debut on Sunday.

“Some of you may have seen Joe Biden at the Eagles game,” Obama said. “He told me, ‘Barack, you got to get on the Wentz Wagon. We got a new quarterback. We got hope in Philly.'”

It’s worth noting that Wentz’s strong debut came against an awful Browns defense, but Obama wisely chose not to mention that part. So far, so good.

But Obama then reminded the crowd which team he’ll be rooting for on Monday night, when the Eagles and Bears meet at Soldier Field.

“I am a Bears fan,” he said. “We play Philly next Monday night. So I got to stick with my team, but I am going to scout out what all the fuss is about.”

That’s when the boos arrived.

And that shouldn’t come as a surprise given the Eagles fanbase once booed Santa Claus. No one is safe in Philly, which is something Wentz should probably take note of. It won’t take long for the city to turn against him if he follows up his debut with a few lackluster outings.

And, unfortunately for Wentz, he won’t get the chance to play the Browns again, unless the Eagles and Browns somehow meet in the Super Bowl. I wouldn’t bet on that.

Source: CBS Sports / WATCH: Philadelphia crowd boos President Obama for being a Bears fan