Thankfully one week into the NFL season we know everything. You can predict every possible outcome for the rest of the year based on what happened during the first week of the season.

Just kidding. We’re Jon Snow and we know nothing.

Vegas is smarter than we are, so let’s look how they rank the teams in our weekly breakdown of Super Bowl odds, all of them courtesy the Las Vegas Westgate.

New England Patriots (5-1, Previously 6-1): What’s left to say about Bill Belichick? Take away Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski and he cruises out to Arizona and beats the Arizona Cardinals , themselves one of the best teams in the NFL, with Jimmy Garoppolo starting. Incredible.

jimmygaroppolopats.jpgJimmy Garoppolo and the Patriots get it done in the desert. USATSI

Green Bay Packers (6-1, Previously 8-1): Wasn’t a pretty win for Aaron Rodgers and Co. in Jacksonville but they beat a frisky Jags team in sweltering heat and re-established Jordy Nelson as a dominant weapon on offense. This team is deep and is going to score points even if they weren’t truly explosive in Week 1.

Arizona Cardinals (8-1, Previously 8-1): Over/under on the amoung of MF’s Bruce Arians dropped on his team in the last 48 hours is 74.5.

Seattle Seahawks (9-1, Previously 8-1): A Russell Wilson ankle injury and offensive line issues are major red flags for this team.

Pittsburgh Steelers (10-1, Previously 10-1): The Steelers demolished Washington on the road in prime-time and boast the most loaded group of skill-position players in the league.

Carolina Panthers (14-1, Previously 12-1): This is starting to be good value for a team that looked very good in Week 1 but was undone by the refs refusing to throw flags on Denver for blatantly illegal head shots.

The Panthers look like a value pick after a tough Week 1 loss. USATSI

Houston Texans (16-1, Previously 16-1): They stay steady but probably should’ve climbed after the way the offense looked in Week 1. Lamar Miller and Will Fuller look like A+ additions.

New York Giants (18-1, Previously 18-1): Also should be climbing. They’re blatantly the best team in the NFC East one week in, which we know is obviously everything we need to know.

Cincinnati Bengals (18-1, Previously 20-1): Pretty good price for a stacked team too. The Bengals are just always criminally underrated.

Denver Broncos (20-1, Previously 25-1): This team is legit. The defense looks absolutely stacked.

Oakland Raiders (20-1, Previously 20-1): JACK DEL RIO HANGS ALL OF HIS ONIONS ON YOU.

Minnesota Vikings (20-1, Previously 20-1): Very curious to see how Sam Bradford looks with this offense. Until he gets hurt and Shaun Hill comes back in again.

Kansas City Chiefs (20-1, Previously 20-1): Sigh. All of my mentions with the Chiefs fans. Crucial first week win for this team and an incredible comeback.

Baltimore Ravens (20-1, Previously 30-1): Buying in on this team now doesn’t feel like the right move, but if Steve Smith and Breshad Perriman get going they’re going to quickly improve on offense.

Washington Redskins (25-1, Previously 25-1): Surprised this didn’t move because this team was humiliated at home and the offense looks really bad with no rushing attack. Also, Kirk Cousins was horrendous on Monday night.

Kirk Cousins and the Redskins have some serious work to do. USATSI

Dallas Cowboys (30-1, Previously 25-1): The lack of Ezekiel Elliott moving the ball and Dak Prescott not being preseason Dak put a damper on the expectations. They can still stay afloat until Tony Romo comes back.

Indianapolis Colts (40-1, Previously 20-1): The defense is a major problem, the coaching staff looked lost late against Detroit and the offensive line still can’t protect Andrew Luck . Time is a flat circle.

New York Jets (60-1, Previously 50-1): An overrated team has become underrated now and they nearly stole one from the Bengals. It’s about to get real given their tough schedule. Wins are at a big-time premium here.

Detroit Lions (60-1, Previously 60-1): The Ameer Abdullah post-hype train is leaving the station.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (60-1, Previously 80-1): Am I insane for thinking THIS is value? I’m all in on Jameis Winston this year. Dude is going to finish as a top-10 quarterback.

San Diego Chargers (60-1, Previously 50-1): That sound you heard was the Chargers bandwagon crashing into a gigantic brick wall.

Philadelphia Eagles (80-1, Previously 100-1): Let’s see what they do against a team that isn’t the Cleveland Browns . Credit is due for having Carson Wentz prepared, though.

Miami Dolphins (80-1, Previously 80-1): The Dolphins are an enigma wrapped in a riddle after their near win over the Seahawks on the road.

Jacksonville Jaguars (80-1, Previously 50-1): Not like they’re going to win the Super Bowl, but this isn’t terrible value for a potential division winner that almost beat the Packers at home. A road win in San Diego would flip it for real.

Chicago Bears (100-1, Previously 80-1): Maybe not quite the sleeper some envisioned. The Jay Cutler situation looms large if he can’t get better than he was against the Texans.

Atlanta Falcons (100-1, Previously 80-1): It’s possible the Falcons offense was better than we thought against the Bucs, but it’s definitely possible the defense is just as not good as it looked against Tampa.

New Orleans Saints (100-1, Previously 80-1): Dagger home loss in Week 1 on the two-point conversion plus the missed bomb of a field goal at the end of the game. There’s still just no defense and it’s impossible to imagine this team winning without it.


Tennessee Titans (100-1, Previously 80-1): Not a great start to the old Exotic Smashmouth Regime.

San Francisco 49ers (100-1, Previously 200-1): They won in Week 1 with Jim Tomsula last year so you can’t overreact but they’re better than everyone expected.

Cleveland Browns (200-1, Previously 200-1): The funny thing about these odds is the Westgate actually sent it out and it said “5000-1” and I totally believed it.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / 2017 Super Bowl Odds for NFL Week 2: Panthers, Bucs offer value