After Cam Newton took four shots to the head during the Panthers‘ season-opening loss to the Broncos last week, the quarterback’s health became a hot topic of conversation around the NFL.

Three days after the game, the NFL announced that it was going to launch a review with the NFLPA to try and find out why Newton wasn’t asked to enter concussion protocol.

Since then, everyone from Cam Newton’s dad to Roger Goodell has weighed in on the matter. Newton’s dad, Cecil, ripped the officiating crew for not throwing flags after several of the hits that Cam took to the head. Even Goodell was willing to admit that officials missed at least one illegal hit.

So what does Cam think about all of this?

It looks like we’ll never know, because he’s done talking about it.

During his weekly press conference on Wednesday, was asked if he’s concerned about his long-term health after taking so many shots to the head.

“I’m worried about winning. That’s it. Winning. Winning football games,” Newton said, via “That’s why I’m here. I’m not here to worry about retirement plans. I’m not here to worry about pensions. I’m not here to worry about workers comp. I’m here to win football games. Simple and plain. This is a contact sport. This is a physical sport. I play the game for the right reasons to whatever coach asks me to do, I’m gonna do it, to win football games.”

Although Goodell admitted that the officiating crew erred on at least one occasion in not throwing a flag after Newton took a hit to the head, the Panthers quarterback refused to pile on the refs from the game. Instead, he was actually complimentary of NFL officials as a whole.

“My job is to win football games. My job is not to lobby for my health,” Newton said . “I feel as if there’s been times that I’ve been taking hits, they haven’t been called. But that’s understandable. Sometimes I’ve been hit and they have been called. So I just can’t point a finger and say I haven’t got no calls because I have.”

Newton also refused to bite when the subject of the Panthers’ training staff came up. There had been some negative feedback surrounding the fact that Newton didn’t have to enter concussion protocol at any point during the game.

“Also, just the overall health part with having the best training staff in the league in my opinion. I haven’t had the opportunity to see any others but in my eyes they’re the best,” Newton said.

Although the hits from the Broncos didn’t seem to do any damage to Newton’s health, the hits did do some damage to the pocket books of Brandon Marshall and Darian Stewart. The two Broncos players were fined a combined $42,540 for head shots they delivered to Newton in their 21-20 win.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Cam Newton not concerned about health, says he only worries about one thing