Chris Bosh has always shared plenty of himself with the public, whether interacting regularly on social media before many other NBA players, or even appearing as “Tall Justice” in video sketches to appeal for All-Star votes. Now, after a long hiatus — after he suffered another health setback at All-Star weekend in Toronto — the 11-time All-Star forward is back on a bit of a blitz.

He recently appeared on an “Open Run” podcast to promote a series of digital shorts that will be distributed starting September 1 for UNINTERRUPTED, a platform in which former teammate LeBron James has played a prominent role. The videos will show him pursuing some of his off-court interests but, also, more significantly, will show him visiting with medical professionals related to his latest battle with blood clots. In a podcast excerpt, Bosh was asked if he plans on participating in Miami Heat training camp, which will begin September 27 at Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in the Bahamas.

“Absolutely,” Bosh said. “I mean, I’m ready to play. We’ve been talking about it for a long time. We released a statement back in May, saying, as soon as I’m ready to play, as soon as possible, we’ll play. And I’m ready. I’ve done all my work. I’ve done what I needed to do, working with the doctors. I’m in incredible shape, at least decent enough. You know, I look good when I take my shirt off.”

Bosh laughed.

“But in all due seriousness, especially with (Heat owner) Micky Arison saying, ‘Hey, see you at camp,'” he added. “So I think it’s moving forward. I have no reason to believe that it’s not. And you know, we’ll finish this.”

Chris Bosh on the courtChris Bosh continues to do everything he can to get back on the court. USATSI

The Heat have generally refrained from public comment about Bosh’s status, other than Pat Riley’s July 18 press conference, in which he said “from a basketball standpoint, I’ve been told we’ve been put on hold,” and Arison tweeting that he was looking forward to seeing Bosh in camp.

Until the Heat say something more definitive about whether its doctors have cleared Bosh to play, it’s tough to know what to make of Bosh’s confidence about his status. During and after Dwyane Wade’s difficult, and ultimately fruitless, negotiations with the Heat, his associates — many of whom are Bosh associates — warned that the Bosh situation would be even uglier.

Bosh and the Heat have not been on the same page from the start of this, with Bosh angling to play in every conceivable way, the Heat making it clear behind the scenes that they don’t consider that judicious based on medical information, and friends and family of Bosh suggesting that the Heat merely wanted to remove his salary cap number ($76 million over the next three seasons) from its books.

The Miami Herald did report earlier this week, however, that “there is growing optimism about Chris Bosh being cleared by the Heat to resume his career while remaining on blood thinners, according to a union source.” This may be possible if Bosh takes a new blood thinner in the morning, so that it clears his system prior to tipoff. It is extremely dangerous to play on blood thinners because any sort of trauma — like a elbow — could lead to uncontrolled bleeding, and potentially death.

So while Bosh may look good when he takes his shirt off, it’s still not entirely clear — until it comes from the Heat — that he will be putting a jersey on for opening night.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Chris Bosh remains optimistic he’ll be ready for camp, Heat remain quiet