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For four of the five teams in the Northwest Division, this offseason was all about adding pieces. The Jazz, Timberwolves, Trail Blazers and Nuggets all took steps forward this offseason, tinkering with their respective promising young cores with an eye on the future.

And then you have the Thunder, who lost enough talent to make up for all five teams. Kevin Durant fled to Golden State, of course, but they also traded long-time core piece Serge Ibaka to Orlando, bringing an end to an era in Oklahoma City.

It’s Russell Westbrook‘s team and that should make Fantasy hoops players very excited.

On Tuesday’s episode of the podcast, we talked to CBS Sports NBA writer Zach Harper, to preview the Northwest Division. Zach covers the Jazz and knows the Wolves inside and out, so who better to break down this fascinating division?

Some of the questions we touched on for the division include:

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Fantasy Basketball Today Podcast: Northwest Division Preview