Fans are emotional when it comes to uniforms. Georgia has lost plenty of games in both red and white uniforms, but a bad performance in a highly anticipated loss to Alabama in 2008 has created some superstitious feelings about the alternate black uniforms. Certain throwback uniforms are chosen for rivalry games to reignite the years of passion between two programs. It’s a weird, fun aspect of college football that has absolutely no impact on the actual game.

On Saturday, Louisville will debut these new red chrome helmets for one of the biggest games in recent program history. Florida State is in town, down its best secondary defender and led by a freshman quarterback. The Cardinals have Lamar Jackson, the most dangerous quarterback in college football today. Excitement for Louisville football is at a fever pitch, and a win would be the biggest since Bobby Petrino returned.

Louisville fans are hoping that its fortunes are different than the last time FSU came to town and the football team changed its lids. The Cardinals rocked these wild grey-with-script-font uniforms and helmets when the Seminoles came in 2014 and jumped out to 21-0 lead before Jameis Winston, playing with a bum ankle, led a ridiculous comeback in a 42-31 FSU win.

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Source: CBS Sports Headlines / LOOK: Louisville looks to reverse its luck with alternates against FSU