The Brooklyn Nets unveiled their new “Brooklyn Remix” alternate uniforms on Wednesday. They are “inspired” by the New Jersey Nets’ 1984-1990 uniforms, according to the team, which means there are stars down the side of the jersey and shorts. The uniforms are gray, or, as they put it, a “graphite color, a blend of the Nets’ signature black and white.”

Here’s the front of the jersey:

Brooklyn Remix jersey for the NetsBrook Lopez has probably worn 100 different Nets jerseys by now. Brooklyn Nets

Here’s the back, plus the shorts:

Brooklyn Remix jersey + shorts for NetsThe Nets will wear these 12 times, including at their home opener. Brooklyn Nets

“Remix” is an appropriate word here — it’s basically the Nets’ current look, with a nod to the past. The five stars represent their five seasons in Brooklyn and their five decades as a franchise.

The Nets will wear these uniforms 12 times next season, eight times on the road and four at home, including their home opener against the Indiana Pacers on Oct. 28 at Barclays Center.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Nets unveil new ‘Brooklyn Remix’ alternate uniforms with a nod to classic look