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The NCAA and ACC have now both taken stands against North Carolina because of that state’s controversial HB2 bill. I discussed this at the top of this episode of the Eye on College Basketball podcast, and I tried to explain why the law was created to solve a problem that isn’t actually a problem.

Among the things I point out is this: no reputable study has ever shown an increase in any kind of physical or sexual assault in areas with inclusive bathroom policies. So the idea that North Carolina’s discriminatory bill is needed to keep women safe in public restrooms simply isn’t true. There have been incidents, yes. But they are rare and statistically invisible. So the idea that North Carolina continues to cost itself events, and literally hundreds of millions of dollars, because of this law is insane.

Someday, it’ll be eradicated.

Bet that.

But how much more will the state cost itself between now and then?

Beyond that, Matt and discussed Duke‘s upcoming pro days and Mike Krzyzewski’s decision to otherwise close practices to NBA executives and scouts, which, I bet, will be used against him in recruiting. Then we talked about the Miami player who was arrested for battery after he allegedly attacked a man he caught in a closet with his ex-girlfriend, and I explain why I would never pursue a girl who has a 6-foot-11 ex-boyrfriend who is still clearly emotionally tied to her. Just seems dangerous. Too dangerous for a man my size, at least.

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Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Podcast: Will the NCAA and ACC make North Carolina buckle on HB2?