Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins is 6-foot-11 and 270 pounds. He’s a big dude, and on the basketball court, that helps him dominate. But for National Video Games Day, the Kings decided to take a look at how his monstrous size and athleticism would translate onto the football field in EA Sports’ “Madden 2017.”

The results are hilarious.

I mean, if we want to “Well, Actually” this, then Cousins likely isn’t going to be able to maintain his balance that way since his center of gravity will be entirely different from that of a football player’s. Also, almost no one attempts to hit him low here, because they are simulated NFL players likely on a lower difficulty level.

screenshot-2016-09-14-08-49-38.pngBoogie likes to boogie on the gridiron. Kings/EA Sports/Twitter

But still, it’s such a great idea, this 6-11 monster trucking over everything in his path. LeBron James is the one with the football experience among the NBA’s top stars, and with Cousins so tall, he’s a humongous target, but it’s still a fun idea.

Then again, this version of DeMarcus Cousins faces much more severe injury risks and doesn’t get a guaranteed contract for over $100 million every five years, so I think the real-life Cousins is doing pretty OK, too.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / The Kings created DeMarcus Cousins in ‘Madden’ and he absolutely destroys