Earlier this week, reports indicated a “growing optimism” that the Heat would clear forward Chris Bosh to return to action while on blood thinners, which would end an ongoing uncomfortable stalemate between the two sides regarding Bosh’s health.

Now the Miami Herald quotes longtime Heat forward Udonis Haslem on record as saying he expects Bosh to participate at training camp. Haslem stressed that the team would be patient with getting Bosh back up to speed on the right timeline for his health, but that he does believe Bosh will be an ‘active participant’ at training camp.

Heat forward Udonis Haslem said Tuesday he expects Chris Bosh to be an active participant in training camp, less than eight months after his second blood clot episode in a year.

“As far as timetable when he’s on the floor, I’m not sure about that,” Haslem said on the night he was inducted into the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Sports Hall of Champions at Marlins Park. “I haven’t really gotten into the medical part of it. I’m definitely expecting him to be at camp and to be participating. I’m not sure if it will be full contact or by himself or if he needs me to work extra with him or whatever the situation may be, but I’m expecting him to be there.

“Chris’ timetable is just a little bit different than everybody else, so we have to be mindful. We have to be conscious of the things that are important. So the thing that’s most important is that when Chris needs to be ready that he’s ready. So my timetable and everybody else’s timetable is just moving a little bit faster. I’m very aware of what’s going on.”

Source: Haslem expects Bosh to be participant at training camp | Miami Herald.

This is in part notable because Heat personnel have been absolutely silent regarding Bosh’s status since the talented forward was forced to miss the rest of last season following the All-Star Break. Every person associated with the team has indicated the situation was too delicate to comment on. So for Haslem to break that silence to comment openly means that there’s likely been significant movement internally on the subject to thaw some of the ice.

Udonis Haslem believes Chris Bosh will be cleared for training camp. Getty Images

Just two weeks ago, Bosh posted a torrent of social media posts showing him working out and reports indicated a strong frustration with the team’s reluctance to clear him. That seemed to indicate there had been some form of difficult communication between the two sides, but the news this week is much more positive, and somewhere in there there must have been a meeting that started to shift Miami’s approach. The Heat’s reluctance has reportedly been to allow Bosh to play on blood thinners which typically hasn’t been allowed, but Bosh found a doctor who would clear him to do so.

The situation isn’t resolved and there’s likely to be more drama before the subject is settled, but more and more it does seem like, thankfully, Bosh will be allowed to resume his NBA career this season with Miami. Bosh will make $23 million this season and has over $50 million owed to him in the proceeding two seasons, through 2019, off the five-year deal he signed in 2014.

Source: CBS Sports / Udonis Haslem expects Chris Bosh to be ‘active participant’ in Heat training camp