This ace by Eddie Wajda of Wisconsin, who was playing in the Badger Invitational, does not look real.

Wajda dunked one on the 8th hole of his round, and it never saw anything but the bottom of the cup. Wisconsin ended up finishing T4 behind Iowa State, Nevada and Wofford, but I doubt Wajda or any of their players forget that memory for a long time.

Here’s a close-up look at the ace.

If this wasn’t in a tournament, I would not believe it’s real. It almost reminds me of those old Michael Vick commercials where he throws the ball out of the stadium.

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Well done, Eddie. An incredible start to the school year.

Wink of the CBS eye to FTW

Source: CBS Sports / WATCH: This college golfer’s slam dunk hole-in-one is truly unbelievable