It seems that if it is up to him, Chris Bosh will definitely be taking his place next to Hassan Whiteside in the frontcourt for the Heat‘s season opener on Oct. 26 against the Magic. Whether he will — and how Fantasy players should approach him — remains a lingering question as we get close to the open of training camp.

Bosh, who has remained optimistic throughout his battle with blood clots, said that he “absolutely” plans to participate in training camp with the Heat beginning Sept. 27 on a podcast from UNINTERRUPTED.

“I mean, I’m ready to play,” Bosh said. “We’ve been talking about it for a long time. We released a statement back in May, saying, as soon as I’m ready to play, as soon as possible, we’ll play. And I’m ready. I’ve done all my work. I’ve done what I needed to do, working with the doctors. I’m in incredible shape, at least decent enough. You know, I look good when I take my shirt off.”

The Heat haven’t had much to say about Bosh since that statement in May, but team owner Mickey Arison did tweet recently that he looks forward to seeing Bosh in camp. As Senior NBA Writer Ethan Skolnick wrote Wednesday, Heat doctors still have to clear Bosh to play, and it is not clear what Bosh’s chances are of playing this season.

All of this makes Bosh’s situation one of the toughest for us in the Fantasy world to pin down. Especially because it seems like this could be an all-or-nothing situation for Bosh. If he is cleared to play, Bosh might not have many restrictions; he didn’t last season, averaging 33.5 minutes per game coming off his blood clot issues that ended his 2014-15 season. The issue is more about whether Heat doctors will clear him to play at all.

Of course, given the nature of his health issues, the Heat have had very little to say publicly about Bosh since February. Bosh has provided an optimistic picture of his health, and the team hasn’t really been able to comment on it.

In the mock drafts I have taken part in recently, people have been understandably cautious with the big man. He went 101st overall in our H2H mock last week, and 128th in a Roto mock draft with other industry players at a few weeks back. It’s worth noting that even with the gap in his overall spot there, Bosh went in the 11th round in both. That’s instructive; he was taken in the reserve portion of the draft.

Bosh’s upside is in the second or third round, coming off a season in which he averaged 19.1 points, 7.4 rebounds, 2.4 assists and 1.5 3-pointers per game in 53 appearances for the Heat. If he plays a regular role and hits that level again, you’re getting a steal no matter where you end up taking him. However, he has now had two seasons in a row ended with the blood clots issues, and there have at least been whispers that they may end his career prematurely, unfortunately.

Bosh himself obviously doesn’t think that will be the case, and he pointed to players in other sports who have been able to play despite similar issues. The Heat will convene for training camp in the next few weeks, and we will get a better picture of what Bosh’s status looks like for the start of the season. We’re still six weeks away from opening night, so there is plenty of time for this situation to evolve.

As things stand right now, however, there is enough uncertainty to say you can’t possibly rely on Bosh heading into draft season. And, even if he is cleared to play come training camp, the way Bosh’s previous two seasons has ended prematurely needs to be taken into account. Bosh has value coming into this season, but the uncertainty drops him to the point where he is still just a late-round flier, even with better news coming out lately.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Fantasy Basketball Draft Prep: What do we do with Chris Bosh?