After what might have been the craziest year in tailgating history, a parking lot in Buffalo decided to make a few rules for fans who are attending Bills games this year.

As a refresher, here’s a brief list of what tailgating Bills fans did in 2015:

1. They slammed someone through a table.

2. They slammed a guy dressed like Santa Claus through a table.

3. A guy caught on fire while trying to jump through a table.

4. They were named the drunkest fan base in the NFL.

5. A Bills fan used a dizzy bat and then got so dizzy that he fell face first into a bus.

6. Another fan funneled a beer and then failed miserably while attempting a wrestling move.

Well, that stuff might have been fun last year, but it’s banned this year. As several fans on social media noted, funnels, dizzy bats and table slamming have now been banned from the craziest tailgating lot in the NFL.

Fans in Buffalo seemed kind of sad about the new rules.

Sorry Deacon, no table slamming. If you didn’t watch the video above, Deacon is the name of the poor guy in the video who won’t get to table slam anyone this year.

Anyway, these new rules might put YouTube out of business, because at times last year, it seemed like half their video views came from Bills fans who did something ridiculously crazy and then followed that up by posting a video of their feat to YouTube. Since we probably won’t be seeing as many wild tailgating videos this year, it only makes sense to look back on the past and fondly remember the craziness of Bills fans from last year. Here’s an amazing video capturing it all.

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Source: CBS Sports Headlines / LOOK: Bills tailgating lot bans craziness after last season’s insanity