Thursday night football will get weird. Something about the short week and the break in routine seems to set these college football players up for a collective hiccupfrom the norm. It’s really fun when it happens, especially when a fun College Football Playoff contender like Houston is in the mix.

Nippert Stadium was rocking and Cincinnati was charged up and making the most of a couple Greg Ward Jr. mistakes. The Bearcats were also on the receiving end of the most Thursday night play you could imagine.

The Cougars were setting up a trick play with a double reverse when safety Carter Jacobs hit Isiah Johnson near the sideline. Somehow, the ball popped up in the air and landed inbounds, where it was recovered by Grant Coleman, who had established himself back inbounds and apparently barely avoided a penalty.

No one really knew what the ruling should be in the moment (it was confirmed), but we knew two things:

1) These are the kind of breaks a team needs to beat a top-ranked team

2) This might have been the craziest play we’ll see this week

But guess what else! Greg Ward Jr. laid a nasty block on the attempted trick play and then made the touchdown-saving tackle.

As for the ruling, it was reviewed and determined that Coleman had established himself when he got the ball and the 53-yard return was confirmed. It was a huge swing and another painful error for Houston in a half full of them. The two teams entered halftime tied 10-10.

I mean seriously, how did this ball stay in bounds after it was knocked loose?

Source: CBS Sports / LOOK: Cincinnati had the most incredible fumble recovery, and no one knew the rules