Max Akin passed and rushed for a combined 344 yards and five touchdowns on Friday, but it’s what he did at halftime that has everyone talking.

Akin, a senior quarterback at Fossil Ridge High School in Texas, helped his team build a 26-6 halftime lead during its homecoming game against Saginaw.

At halftime, it was announced that Akin had won the coveted title of homecoming king. You’d have to imagine it would be a thrilling feeling to put on the crown during your final homecoming game.

But Akin had a better idea.

He took the crown and ceremoniously presented it to his friend, K.L. Norwood, who has cerebral palsy. Norwood was also nominated for the award, and Akin could see how much his friend wanted the honor.

“I think it should’ve gone to the person who positively uplifts the school and everybody around him,” Akin said to WFAA, “and that person is K.L., for sure.”

Fossil Ridge football coach Tony Baccarini was not surprised by Akin’s gesture.

“Max — that’s just what he is, and that’s what our team is, too,” he said. “They love each other, and that’s why we’re successful.”

Akin said that the entire crowd was “going wild” for Norwood, and that everybody at the school loves him.

“It was absolutely terrific,” Norwood said.

Fossil Ridge went on to win the game, 40-12, and is now 3-0 on the season.

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Source: CBS Sports Headlines / LOOK: High school QB gives homecoming king crown to friend with cerebral palsy