There are a lot of ways to deal with defeat. You can choose to reflect on what you may have done wrong and learn from your mistakes. You can get angry, destroy personal belongings and scream into a pillow.

Or, if you’re Travis Tarrants, you can mail a bunch of dead animals to the person who beat you.

After being passed over for a fourth-grade coaching and teaching job at Springs Valley School Corporation in French Lick (the hometown of basketball legend Larry Bird), Tarrants allegedly mailed four dead skunks and a dead raccoon to the man who won the job.

According to WISH-TV, Tarrants has been charged in Indiana with stalking, intimidation and criminal mischief after allegedly sending threatening messages to a couple including the man who beat Tarrants out for the position.

Tarrants is accused of placing packages of dead animals, including four skunks and a raccoon, in the mail. Some of the parcels were addressed to the victim with different return addresses, including that of Tarrants’ fiancee.

The package that contained a dead raccoon contained a message that read, “RESIGN! IT WILL NOT STOP.”

Tarrants also allegedly contacted the Department of Child services to make claims that the victim was engaged in a sexual relationship with an underage student, and is accused of spray painting intimidating messages, including “u will die” on the victims’ vehicles.

There is mounting evidence against Tarrants, including cans of white spray paint and an account from his fiancee claiming he had trapped five to seven live skunks and kept them alive for several days in late spring.

Source: CBS Sports / Man sends dead skunks, raccoon to the guy who beat him out for a coaching job