A Nevada oversight committee has approved a $750 million public funding plan for a Las Vegas Raiders stadium, according to the Associated Press, but this doesn’t mean the team that currently resides in Oakland is on the move — at least not yet.

More from the AP:

The approval Thursday from the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee is a major victory for the plan, which still needs approval from the governor and Legislature.

Stadium proponents including the Las Vegas Sands want to raise the hotel tax for a venue that’s estimated to cost $1.9 billion. They don’t want to return any profits to the public because they say they’ll make little or no money on the 65,000-seat stadium.

The legislature has not yet set a date for the vote on the stadium. Proponents also want state lawmakers to meet and greenlight the deal as soon as possible. The next step would be to pitch the deal to NFL owners, 75 percent of whom must approve any team relocation. The owners are expected to next meet in January.

In January 2016, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said that if the Raiders want to move to Las Vegas and the owners are willing to approve it, then he likely wouldn’t get in the way.

“Ultimately, it’s the ownership’s decision,” Goodell said at the time, during an appearance on the “Rich Eisen Show.” “It requires 24 of the 32 owners to approve any relocation to any market.”

And just last month, the Raiders released renderings of the $1.9 billion stadium. Here’s what’s John Breech wrote at the time: “During the presentation, the Raiders — and their partner, the Sands Casino Group — made one thing absolutely clear: If the state of Nevada is willing to commit $750 million in public funding towards a new NFL stadium, then the stadium will get built and the Raiders will move to Vegas.”

And now we’re one step closer to that reality.

raiders-vegas-stadium-front.pngThis is what the Raiders stadium might look like in Vegas. Manica Architecture

Source: CBS Sports / Raiders stadium in Las Vegas is now just one step away from approval