Former Ravens running back Ray Rice is still waiting on a call from an NFL team. Ever since he was suspended for striking his then-fiancee in the face, Rice has essentially been boycotted by the NFL, the poster boy for domestic violence, and unable to find a job.

The former Pro Bowl running back recently told CBS Sports Jason La Canfora how tirelessly he’s working to stay in shape, hoping for that call from a team interested in signing him.

Based on a video posted by Blue Streak Sports Training on Facebook, Rice isn’t messing around.

Rice, who’s now 29 and once played six season with the Ravens, has a Bane from Batman thing going on with his setup there. And he looks like he might be in the best shape of his life, and this isn’t some August training camp version of that statement.

It’s obvious how much Rice — a genuinely nice human being by all accounts who did make one very horrible an inexcusable mistake — wants to be back in the game.

He deserves to be punished for what he did, but it’s reasonable to ask whether the time has come for Rice to get another chance.

At the very least Rice is working as hard as possible to earn that shot.

Source: CBS Sports / WATCH: Ray Rice posts training video on Facebook, likely hoping to land an NFL job