Thursday night at Fenway Park, the first meaningful September series since 2011 between the Yankees and Red Sox got underway. The Red Sox were in last place in 2012, 2014, and 2015, and the Yankees were in third place and out of the race in 2013. It’s been a while since these two clubs were in contention this late in the season at the same time.

For a few minutes in the third inning Thursday, the game had to delayed. Not by rain and not because a fan ran on the field. Nothing like that.

No, the game was delayed because someone forgot to close the garage door. Check it out:

Boy, it was quite an ordeal to get that door closed, huh? It looks like it took about three members of the grounds crew plus an umpire to figure that thing out. Eventually they got it closed through the use of good ol’ American brute force.

That room is where the grounds crew keep all their equipment, so I guess someone went to get something between innings and forgot to close the door. Or maybe it got stuck. It’s an old ballpark, you know.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / WATCH: Yankees and Red Sox delayed after someone forgets to close the garage door