Red Sox DH/warrior-poet David Ortiz is in the midst of what will shape up as one of the best final seasons ever by a hitter. Throughout the year, he’s been feted at ballparks around the league, and he’s spoken openly about his desire to be honored at Yankee Stadium. As we learned on Thursday, he’ll get his wish …

Barring a playoff encounter in the Bronx (still a possibility), Sept. 29 will occasion Big Papi’s final trip to Yankee Stadium. The Yankees will certainly behave accordingly during that pregame ceremony, but what of the fans? Well, there’s already a grassbutt movement among Yankee rooters to moon Ortiz on that same day. So we’ll see how that goes.

In related matters, Ortiz is a career .305/.396/.569 hitter against the Yankees with 52 homers in 236 games. At the current iteration of Yankee Stadium, though, he’s hit just .234/.332/.491.

So is all of this appropriate among supposed blood rivals? Players fraternize, switch teams frequently, share the same agents, and so on, so there’s much less of a “firewall” than there once was. As well, any sort of Red Sox-Yankees rubicon was crossed back on Sept. 28, 2014 when Derek Jeter was honored with a ceremony at Fenway. That, of course, doesn’t mean you can’t stamp your little feet on social media about it.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Yankees to honor David Ortiz with pregame ceremony on Sept. 29