The Big 12 expansion process drags on.

Oklahoma president David Boren indicated this week that an expansion resolution may not come until after the Big 12’s next presidents next meet on Oct 16-17.

“I’d just say we’re not ready for any dramatic announcement at this point,” Boren said this week following an Oklahoma Board of Regents meeting. “You’d be wrong if you wrote a headline that said, ‘Expansion is off, Big 12 chairman says.’

“No, that’d be wrong. That’d be incorrect. I haven’t said that, but you’d also be wrong to write a headline that said, ‘Expansion is definite.’ That’d be wrong, too.

“So I think you just have to say that this situation’s still pretty fluid and that’s the reason I don’t feel that I’m in any position to make any pronouncements at this point.”

CBS Sports reported earlier this month one high-ranking official saying “I couldn’t handicap” which way expansion is going to go.

Boren has said since at least May that the conference may not expand. That was after Boren seemed to be the impetus behind the league taking a look at adding more teams.

In May, the Oklahoma regents chair said he was against expansion.

“To be honest nobody’s made up their mind what they want to do around here,” one Oklahoma said. “Whether we do anything … nobody knows.”

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Big 12 expansion drags on as candidates continue hanging on every word