On Thursday night, the Cubs clinched their first National League Central title since 2008 — albeit in less-than-stylish fashion.

But while most of the Cubs’ celebration will come after Friday’s matinee with the Brewers, one veteran took matters into his own hands. Here’s how David Ross described his Thursday night on 670 The Score in Chicago:

“It was pretty low key,” Ross said on the Mully and Hanley Show on Friday morning. “I took the train in yesterday to the field, so afterward I got a little workout in to try and let the crowd clear out and walked home. I walked about halfway home and just kind of poked my head into the window of some of the bars and would check the (Cardinals-Giants) score and saw they had pretty comfortable lead. Then once we clinched and St. Louis lost, I walked into the bar, threw a shot back and hopped in a cab the rest of the way home. It was pretty uneventful.”

Ross is, of course, a favorite in the clubhouse and among fans for a variety of reasons. Those reasons include his age (he’s 39); his personability; and his 109 OPS+ and nine home runs. Lots to like there — and lots to like in the idea of him randomly celebrating with a shot in a bar.

It’s worth noting that Ross isn’t in Friday’s Cubs lineup — a lineup that, frankly, would seem weak in spring. Willson Contreras will be doing the catching instead. Nonetheless, you can bet Ross will partake in the post-game party all the same.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / David Ross celebrated Cubs’ division title with a shot at local Wrigleyville bar