It’s amazing how little hitter turnover there is in leagues right now.

Amazing because we got used to more during the other five months of the season, but not surprising considering the most active owners right now are the ones still contending for something. And for the most part, those are the sames ones who’ve found stability in their lineups. They haven’t had to address the weekly headache, combing the waiver wire for some unlikely savior. Their hitters are just … good.

It’s different for pitchers, who are more susceptible to matchups. You never stop scouting for those. But as I’ve said all along, if you have a trustworthy option at every position, this list of sleeper hitters really isn’t for you.

If you don’t, here are the best 10 who might still be available on the waiver wire, all owned in less than 80 percent of leagues.

1. Jung Ho Kang 3B/SS / Pittsburgh Pirates (2016 season)

BA: .268HR: 18OPS: .882AB: 269K: 65
Something tells me he’s going to be at the top of this list until he crosses the 80 percent threshold. If he had been playing this much from the get-go, he would have never dropped below 90.

2. Nick Markakis OF / Atlanta Braves (last 78 games)

BA: .297HR: 11OPS: .832AB: 300K: 52
Hot again after a late-August lull, the 17th-best outfielder in Head-to-Head points leagues since June 19 faces nothing but righties this week, which plays into his splits.

3. C.J. Cron 1B / Los Angeles Angels (last 44 games)

BA: .315HR: 11OPS: .939AB: 168K: 29
He may have cooled off in September, but his BABIP during the longer 44-game stretch supports all the good he has done. Here’s betting the easy matchups get him back on track this week.

If you’ve hesitated because you couldn’t slot him in at third base, he’s now eligible at first and should continue stringing together two-hit games with the most favorable matchups in baseball.

5. Brandon Drury 2B/3B/OF / Arizona Diamondbacks (last 14 games)

BA: .429HR: 4OPS: 1.181AB: 56K: 14
You won’t find a hotter hitter or more versatile player than Drury, who has streaked his way out of a part-time role. Good matchups, too.

6. Jose Reyes 3B/SS / New York Mets (2016 season)

BA: .275HR: 6SB: 8OPS: .779AB: 193
Another in the Kang category of “just add him already,” Reyes should continue to pile up stats in seven games against the Braves and Phillies rotations.

The hottest hitter for the Mets deserves a long look when they have matchups as favorable as this week’s, especially since he plays a high-demand position.

8. Ryon Healy 3B / Oakland Athletics (last 10 games)

BA: .439HR: 4OPS: 1.294AB: 41K: 5
Rivals Drury in terms of recent production, but the matchups aren’t in his favor. Then again, he’s available in 80 percent of leagues, and beggars can’t be choosers.

9. Kennys Vargas 1B / Minnesota Twins (vs. LHPs)

BA: .500HR: 4AB: 28BB: 6K: 5
Vargas’ overall numbers are impressive enough, but the switch-hitter has absolutely murdered lefties, who the Twins will be facing in half of their games this week. Playing time is still a question, though.

10. Justin Bour 1B / Miami Marlins (vs. RHPs)

BA: .269HR: 15OPS: .886BB: 30K: 38
A desperation heave since Bour has shown nothing since returning from a two-month DL stint, but a righty-heavy schedule should work in his favor considering he has an .886 OPS against them.

Best hitter matchups for Week 25

1. Astros @OAK3, LAA4
2. Tigers @MIN3, KC3
3. Angels @TEX3, @HOU4
4. Rangers LAA3, @OAK3
5. Diamondbacks @SD3, @BAL3

Worst hitter matchups for Week 25

1. Rockies STL3, @LAD4
2. Phillies CHW2, @NYM4
3. Athletics HOU3, TEX3
4. Royals CHW1, @CLE3, @DET3
5. Dodgers SF3, COL4

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Fantasy Baseball: Top 10 sleeper hitters for Week 25