Darrelle Revis has been one of the NFL’s best players at his position for a long time, but the first two games of the Jets‘ 2016 season have not gone well for him. Revis was torn to shreds by A.J. Green in Week 1 — Green caught all eight of his targets for 83 yards when covered by Revis, per Pro Football Focus tracking — and then, on Thursday night, he got burned badly on a deep ball by Bills speedster Marquise Goodwin.


After seeing that live, Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard and New Jersey native J.R. Smith got an itchy Twitter finger and decided he just had to get some digs in:

Approximately 21 hours later, Revis clapped back:

Credit where credit is due for the burn. Revis is definitely Canton-bound and Smith is … incredibly not headed to Springfield (where the Basketball Hall of Fame is).

But damn, Darrelle, it took you 21 hours to figure out a way to fire back at J.R. SMITH? He might be the easiest guy on the internet to hit with a comeback. We’ve got to take some points away for taking so long to think that one up.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Here’s how Darrelle Revis responded to being called out by J.R. Smith on Twitter