The NBA season has yet to start, yet Brook Lopez may already be jealous of his new Brooklyn Nets teammate Jeremy Lin. Not for basketball reasons though. For comic book reasons.

The source of Lopez’s assumed jealousy? According to AM New York, Lin will be appearing in Marvel Comics’ “Totally Awesome Hulk” comic book series in December:

The idea to have Lin team up with the Hulk sprung from the mind of a comics writer, New York-based Greg Pak, who was himself stricken with Linsanity during the 2011-12 NBA season, when Lin broke out with the Knicks and led the team to a seven-game winning streak.

“I was here in New York when Linsanity happened and it never stopped for me,” said Pak, who will be writing the issue with interior art by Luke Ross and a cover by Bernard Chang. “I followed him everywhere. I just love the guy. And at a certain point, I just found myself thinking, ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if the biggest Asian-American superhero met the biggest Asian-American sports star?’ “

Pak pitched the idea to Lin’s people, sending over the basic outline of the story as well as some reading material featuring Cho, who debuted in 2005 and was created by Pak and artist Takeshi Miyazawa. One of the selling points was that it looks like Cho and Lin might go to the same barber.

“They had me with Hulk’s hair. We’re kindred spirits,” Lin said. “It is an honor and a cool opportunity to become part of the Amadeus Cho, ‘Totally Awesome Hulk’ storyline. Additionally, I think it’s great that Marvel is making real efforts to add diversity to its superheroes and their origin stories.”

In the “Totally Awesome Hulk”series, the Hulk is an Asian-American so the inclusion of Lin seems logical. What exactly Lin’s role will be in the series though, remains to be seen.

Either way, you can bet that Lopez, a noted comic book aficionado, will be begging Lin for spoilers about his appearance in the series.

Source: CBS Sports / Jeremy Lin will make appearance in ‘Totally Awesome Hulk’ comic book series