On Thursday, Megan Rapinoe decided to kneel as the USWNT destroyed Thailand 9-0 in a friendly. It marked the first time she had knelt while representing her country, as she continues to support Colin Kaepernick.

But U.S. Soccer decided to respond after the game. After trying to convince her not to kneel, they released a statement after she did it in Columbus, Ohio.

Nothing too harsh there, just saying how we should reflect upon our liberties and freedom that we all appreciate and that the expectation is that all players and coaches will stand. There hasn’t been anything said that would lead anyone to believe Rapinoe will receive any type of punishment if she continues to kneels. But this surely is just the beginning of her protest.

She spoke to ESPN after the game.

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The U.S. plays the Netherlands on Sunday, and all eyes will be on Rapinoe pre-game.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / LOOK: U.S. Soccer still doesn’t approve of Megan Rapinoe kneeling during anthem