Over the last few seasons, star Golden State Warriors guards Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson have become collectively known as the Splash Brothers. Curry and Thompson are already arguably the two best outside shooters in the history of the NBA (Curry is a definite; Thompson is more controversial, but reasonable people have made the argument), and the nickname is based on the fact that “splash” is commonly used to refer to a shot that goes in the basket.

If Broncos linebacker Von Miller gets his way, we’ll all be trying to come up with a similarly-styled nickname for him and DeMarcus Ware. Miller said Friday that he and Ware are the NFL’s version of the Splash Brothers.

“We’ve got rushers all across the line,” Miller said, per “… Klay Thompson, if they’ve got two on him then Curry takes a shot, if they’ve got two on Curry then Thompson takes the shot.”

The comparison isn’t exactly one-to-one, being that Curry has led the NBA in three-pointers in each of the last four seasons and Thompson has finished second three times in a row after finishing third during the 2012-13 campaign, while Miller has never led the NFL in sacks and Ware last did in 2010, and neither of them has finished in the top five in either of the two seasons they’ve been teammates.

There’s no denying that Miller and Ware are among the best in the league at their craft, though, and the Broncos’ pass rush as a whole is somewhat more reminiscent of the Warriors’ three-point attack as a whole (prior to the arrival of Kevin Durant this offseason), with two stars powering a group that features several additional, lower-caliber weapons that see their production and efficiency rise due to the attention drawn by said stars. Denver led the NFL in pressure rate last season, per Pro Football Focus tracking, and players like Derek Wolfe, Malik Jackson, Sylvester Williams, and more have been able to shine while playing next to Miller and Ware, joining in on the fun with sacks of their own.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Von Miller says he and DeMarcus Ware are the NFL’s Splash Brothers