There is no love lost between the Jets and Bills, with the rivalry only exacerbated by the presence of Rex Ryan on the Buffalo sideline. The Jets’ 37-31 victory on Thursday night was a huge one for both teams for various reasons.

Everyone knew the stakes beforehand, including Hall of Fame quarterbacks Jim Kelly and Joe Namath, who traded barbs in a hilarious “Thursday Night Football pregame intro video ahead of the matchup.

Kelly is out in the woods (presumably somewhere in Upstate New York), hunting some big game with his two daughters, when his phone rings. It’s a call from Namath, strolling around a sunny golf course with his family.

Here’s quick sampling:

Namath: Hey, listen, the funniest thing just happened.

Kelly: Joe, this better not be another field goal joke.

Namath: You see, I’ve got this putt lined up and it’s going right for the hole. Guess what happened?

Kelly: Wide right?

Namath: Yes! It missed wide right. And I immediately thought of you.

Kelly: This is really getting old.

Namath: Getting old? I’ll tell you what’s getting old. You guys have gone 16 straight seasons without making the playoffs.

If someone I was friends with — but kind of enemies with — consistently reminded me about the fact I don’t have a Super Bowl ring after going 0-4, I might put that compound bow to better use.

But then it gets real intense, when the kids take over.

Erin Kelly: Mr. Namath, this is Erin. And truthfully, we don’t have time for a franchise who’s known for one thing: the ButtFumble.

Olivia Namath: Hey, Erin, it’s Olivia Namath. Why don’t you guys focus on like winning games or something?

Jessica Namath: Were you even born the last time your team was in the playoffs? This is hilarious.

EK: Was it hilarious when we knocked your sorry team out last year?

JN: At least we were in the playoff hunt.

EK: Now you sound like your dad.

Good times! Nothing better than a bunch of kids raised around football just firing back and forth at with their parents looking on and nodding in approval.

Source: CBS Sports / WATCH: Jim Kelly and Joe Namath trade barbs in hilarious video before Jets-Bills