A fiery competitor like Pat Riley can be a little petty when things don’t go his way. After LeBron James left to go home to bring the Cleveland Cavaliers a championship in 2014, Riley called Luol Deng, who signed with the team shortly after, the most important free-agent signing in Miami Heat history. With Dwyane Wade now on the Chicago Bulls after a contract stalemate this summer — which had boiled over from the past two summers, as well — there’s still a bit of weird tension with the situation.

Riley told reporters not too long ago that he was going to send a farewell email to Wade, essentially thanking him for his time with the Heat and what he meant to the organization. Seems like a pretty classy move and something that should be done. But we’re two months after the Wade signing with Chicago and the email still hasn’t found its way to Dwyane’s inbox. He was asked about it at a charity appearance and Wade joked through the answer, but informed reporters the email still hasn’t been sent. But he knows it’s coming.

That’s a pretty good way of handling the situation. It’s awkward but when he’s asked about it, he has a joke ready to go while still answering the question. Maybe Riley isn’t being petty and it’s just a tough thing to put together and send. They spent so many years together, crafting teams and winning three championships. There is a lot to express, I’m sure.

At the same time, Wade has put up six billboards around Miami thanking the city for supporting him. At least one of those creepy, unfunny, dancing e-cards should be sent by Pat as a placeholder.

Source: CBS Sports / Dwyane Wade has yet to receive that farewell email from Pat Riley