Lamar Jackson is off to a ridiculous start. He has 18 touchdowns in three games, including five in a statement stomping of Florida State, 63-20. That’s more than Missouri had all of last season.

Jackson’s freakish athleticism combined with his improved passing skills has made him nearly impossible to stop. He’s a video game character in real life and the No. 1 comparison he’s been drawn to is former Virginia Tech quarterback Michael Vick — and not just because Louisville coach Bobby Petrino finally got a chance to coach a mobile quarterback.

Except Vick doesn’t think Jackson is like him… he thinks he’s better than him. Five times better, to be exact.

It’s an interesting comparison and high praise from the man himself. Vick had nearly 4,600 career yards with the Hokies and was a one-man show. Jackson has lethal moves in the open field, but not quite the same head-on-a-swivel type of game Vick did. However, Jackson has an excellent arm and the potential to be a far better passer than Vick was.

If he continues along this trajectory, yes, his game will be more complete than Vick’s was. That he hasn’t even come close to reaching his ceiling means there’s a lot more fun to be had in the future.

Source: CBS Sports / Even Michael Vick thinks Louisville QB Lamar Jackson is better than he was