When the Minnesota Vikings take on the Green Bay Packers this Sunday night, they’ll be going against Packers head coach Mike McCarthy for the 22nd time (including playoffs). When they take the field, they’ll be doing so with their 10th different starting quarterback during that time, whether it’s Sam Bradford or Shaun Hill that gets the start.

Unsurprisingly, the Vikings are 5-15-1 in the 21 games they’ve played against McCarthy’s Packers so far, with only Brett Favre (2-2) posting a record of .500 or better against Green Bay. Who are the other nine quarterbacks the Vikings have used? We’re glad you asked.

Brad Johnson (1)
Tarvaris Jackson (2)
Kelly Holcomb (3)
Brooks Bollinger (4)
Tarvaris Jackson9/8/08L163545.711785.091159.0
Gus Frerotte (5)
Brett Favre (6)
Brett Favre11/1/09W172860.712448.7140128.6
Brett Favre10/24/10L162955.172127.311350.4
Brett Favre11/21/10L173844.742085.470151.2
Christian Ponder (7)
Christian Ponder11/14/11L163447.061905.590152.3
Christian Ponder12/2/12L1225481194.761241.9
Christian Ponder12/30/12W162857.142348.3630120.2
Joe Webb (8*)
Christian Ponder10/27/13L142166.671456.90086.4
Christian Ponder11/24/13T2130702337.7710103.9
Christian Ponder10/2/14L2244502225.050245.8
Teddy Bridgewater (9)
Teddy Bridgewater11/22/15L253767.57296810100.7
Teddy Bridgewater1/3/16W101952.63995.210145.7

Things have not gone great for the Vikes, as you can see. Only Favre and Ponder have started four consecutive games against the Packers, and Minnesota at one point used four different starters in a four-game span. The Vikings even turned to Joe Webb in a playoff situation against the Packers, a game they predictably lost.

The Packers have been expecting Minnesota to go with Bradford on Sunday, but McCarthy also said that it doesn’t particularly matter which one gets the call. “The fact of the matter is it’s going to start with giving the ball to Adrian Peterson,” McCarthy said. “Every time we play the Vikings, that’s the focal point of our defense.”

And it should be. In Peterson’s 16 career games against the Packers, he’s averaged 5.3 yards per carry and 110 yards per game, while totaling 13 touchdowns on the ground and one through the air. It should be somewhat easier to deal with him on Sunday given the probability that the Vikings will not get great QB play, but that kind of thing hasn’t always held down Peterson before.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / McCarthy set to face 10th different Vikings starting quarterback in Bradford