The complex legacy of Joe Paterno was on full display Saturday for Penn State’s game against Temple. Members of the 1966 team were on the field for the 50th anniversary of Paterno’s first season and first win as head coach, and Paterno was specifically honored with a video tribute during the game.

Former players were in town for the game and got an opportunity to gather on Friday night to celebrate Paterno’s life. Outside the stadium on Saturday, a shrine of bricks and flowers celebrated Paterno’s career.

psu-honor-bricks.jpgPenn State fans made a shrine to Paterno outside the stadium. USATSI

The celebration of Paterno’s time at Penn State is complicated by the Jerry Sandusky sex scandal, and deciding to put him back in the spotlight brought out protesters from both teams.

psu-protest-fan.jpgA Penn State protests the celebration of Joe Paterno’s 1966 team. USATSI

In the stadium, some Temple fans turned their back during a video honoring Paterno with a sign that read, “He turned his back, so we’ll turn ours.”

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Penn State honors Joe Paterno as fans from both teams protest