Alabama topped off a comeback from a 24-3 deficit at Ole Miss with one of the most glorious pick-sixes you’ll see.

Defensive lineman Jonathan Allen hauled in a Chad Kelly pass that fluttered out of his hands after pressure from Tim Williams. Allen caught the ball at the Ole Miss 24 and rumbled 76 yards down the field — all 294 pounds of him — shaking off a late attempt by an Ole Miss receiver to strip him inside the 10 as he fell into the end zone for the score.

It’s a glorious moment, the kind that brings pure joy to your heart — unless you’re an Ole Miss fan and in that case, I’m sorry. Allen, streaking down the sideline with a convoy, and collapsing into the end zone to cap off a Tide victory.

Allen also got the very prestigious Alabama Ball Out Belt for his efforts.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / WATCH: Alabama’s 294-pound lineman Jonathan Allen rumbles 76 yards on pick six