Following a loss to Ole Miss in 2008, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow gave an impassioned speech to the media in which he promised he was going to work harder than ever before to make sure the Gators would go on to win the rest of their games.

They did. Florida won it’s next nine games and then beat Oklahoma in the 2009 BCS Championship Game. Tebow’s speech, now dubbed “The Promise,” lives in infamy both in the minds of fans and on the exterior of the Gators’ stadium.

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Well, Florida State defensive end DeMarcus Walker is hoping his team can do the same. After the Seminoles were crushed 63-20 by Louisville on Saturday, Walker delivered a similar message to the media gathered around him.

He even finished with “God bless!”

It was a huge loss for Florida State, one that definitely puts the Noles in a hole in the ACC Atlantic, but there’s a lot of season left to go. One loss isn’t the worst thing in the world anymore, especially when it comes in September.

Source: CBS Sports / WATCH: FSU player tries to channel Tim Tebow with his own ‘promise’ speech