The Los Angeles Rams are the new hot ticket in Southern California (despite the team looking like an abject disaster in Week 1). With their home debut Sunday, the stars were in attendance, including some royalty. At least, the NBA’s King decided to make an appearance with his family.

Kind of interesting from an NBA perspective? That’s James with Rams owner Stan Kroenke. Kroenke had to divest his ownership of the Nuggets to his wife and son due to conflict of interest with owning an NFL, NHL, and NBA team, but after Dwyane Wade’s long flirtation with the Nuggets this summer, it’s kind of interesting to see James then hanging out with him, or at least, on field with him.

Either way, James continues to hang out in L.A.. He’ll be back in Cleveland later this week for training camp a week from Monday to start the run to defend the Cavaliers’ crown. But for now, he gets to enjoy his other love, football, with his boys. Pretty fun summer for the King.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / LOOK: LeBron James and his family enjoy L.A. Rams opener with owner Stan Kroenke