What is that, what is that, what is it?!?!? OH NO NOT THE BEES, NOT THE BEES!

It was the third inning on Sunday in Angel Stadium when the Blue Jays-Angels game was delayed due to a swarm of bees:

As can be seen from the footage, it came from around the first-base area, as Blue Jays first sacker Edwin Encarnacion was fleeing the scene as quickly as possible. Also, Mike Trout was on first base and offered up the following to

“I just looked at Encarnacion and he had about 12 of them on him. Flying around and landed on him. I looked up and there were just a bunch of them above him. I think they went into center field behind the wall. That’s where we saw them last.”

Twelve? That seems a bit uncomfortable, even if the reaction to bees/wasps/hornets is generally far greater than the actual pain of being stung.

I’m only left with one question: If bee swarms delay games (and, yes, we’ve seen it multiple times before), why wasn’t there a midge delay in Cleveland during Joba Chamberlain‘s encounter?

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / WATCH: Blue Jays-Angels game interrupted by a swarm of bees