Josh Norman might not always follow the top receiver around the field. He might not be worth all of the money the Redskins‘ front office handed to him this offseason. He’s still a darn good player, though.

And he proved that he can impact the game with more than just his ability in coverage. With Ezekiel Elliott bearing down on him, Norman hit the Cowboys rookie running back with the Peanut Punch.

The Redskins ended up cashing in with a field goal.

Norman is having a productive outing against the Cowboys. He started his day by successfully knocking away a pass from Dez Bryant.

And then he began following Bryant around the field — one week after the Redskins refused to let him trail Antonio Brown. Bryant, for it’s worth, has been targeted 12 times and has seven catches for 102 yards so far.

The Redskins are currently trailing the Cowboys by four points in the fourth quarter. Follow along with our Gametracker here.

Source: CBS Sports / WATCH: Josh Norman uses the ‘Peanut punch’ to strip Ezekiel Elliott