It’d been some time since Giants ace Madison Bumgarner yelled at an opponent. Unfortunately, that changed on Monday evening.

Bumgarner was cruising against the Dodgers — holding them to one hit and no runs over 6 2/3 innings — when he was tasked with making a fielding play. He did it just fine, assisting Brandon Belt in retiring Yasiel Puig. Then things got heated, as Bumgarner instructed Puig on what not to look at — hint, he meant himself:

Bad blood between Bumgarner and Puig.

The two had to be separated, as it appeared that fisticuffs were coming. Predictably, the benches cleared, but nobody got too far out of line. Curiously, considering Bumgarner had a one-hit shutout in tact, he was pinch-hit for in the subsequent half-inning — perhaps to fend off retaliation?

Whatever the case, Bumgarner and Puig have, as the kids say, bad blood:

And Bumgarner is known for being too cavalier when it comes to starting trouble:

We have a lot of questions about this entire mess. One thing is for certain: this probably won’t be the last time Bumgarner and Puig — or the Giants and Dodgers, for that matter — mix things up.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Benches clear in Giants-Dodgers game as Madison Bumgarner jaws at Yasiel Puig