If you somehow missed it, Cal running back Vic Enwere nearly made a costly mistake in Week 3 by dropping the pigskin before he crossed the goal line on a would-be touchdown in a 50-43 win over Texas. As far as boneheaded decisions go, Enwere’s was at the top of the list. But because of an even greater officiating gaffe — officials determined there was no immediate recovery by Texas — he was fortunate that it didn’t affect the outcome of the game.

Dropping the ball in celebration before crossing the goal line has become a stunning and frustrating trend in college football. There’s absolutely no reason for it, yet players continue to do it for whatever reason.

Cal coach Sonny Dykes, taking a page from the Fornelli notebook, is making sure his team doesn’t anymore.

“Every time we score a touchdown from now on, we will hand the ball directly to an official,” Dykes said (via USA Today) in his Monday press conference.

The term “epidemic” is hyperbolic and ultimately not applicable, but dropping the ball inches before crossing the goal line remains one of the most perplexing decisions by college football players, if for no other reason than it’s 100 percent avoidable. Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon did the same thing against Ohio State in Week 3 and was lucky officials never caught it.

Enwere was lucky officials didn’t feel Texas had a clear recovery.

“You go from celebrating to all of the sudden the game is in question,” Dykes continued. “So we were very fortunate it worked out the way it did. We’ll talk through it, about the things guys do that they don’t think are a big deal but can have a big impact. What if Texas picks the ball up and runs it back 100 yards for a touchdown? We’ve got a serious problem at that point. We’ve just got to not be selfish. That’s part of growing up.”

Every coach in college football needs to be putting extra emphasis on this moving forward.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Cal has a new touchdown rule for its players after near turnover vs. Texas