A marriage proposal is one of the most nerve-wracking things a person can go through, so it’s important to prepare for anything that might happen.

Among other things, you have to make sure the time, location and words are just right — this memory will last forever.

And no matter how sure you are, you have to at least consider the idea that your intended might say that heart-crushing word that makes you wake up in cold sweats: No.

Georgetown basketball would never wish that kind of horror on anyone — but if it does happen, at least you won’t have to pay.

That’s right, if you buy a proposal package and pop the question at a Georgetown basketball game, not only do you get a sweet custom engagement t-shirt — you also get your money back if the answer is no.

“If they say ‘no,’ you get your money back! It’s a win, win!” the school advertised.

Glad to see the Hoyas understand the need for a contingency plan. Surely fans are hoping a similar refund is offered when the team loses home games.

We’ll keep an eye out.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Georgetown will give you a refund if your marriage proposal gets rejected