Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson has taken the college football world by storm during the first month of the season, and it should come as no surprise to learn that Lamar is your new Heisman Trophy favorite.

According to the Westgate SuperBook, Jackson has climbed to the top of its Heisman odds board after starting the season at 100-to-1 odds. Those odds improved to 8-to-1 after beating both Charlotte and Syracuse, and after Jackson made Florida State look foolish, the odds are 6-to-5.

PlayerOdds to win Heisman
Lamar Jackson, Louisville6-5
J.T. Barrett, Ohio State6-1
Deshaun Watson, Clemson8-1
Christian McCaffrey, Stanford8-1

He’s bringing his team up the odds boards with him, as Louisville is also behind only Alabama (7-to-2) and Ohio State (4-to-1) as a favorite to win the national title at 5-to-1.

While I’m not going to comment on Louisville’s national title hopes, I will say that I don’t know how wise it is to bet Jackson at his current odds to win the Heisman. If you were able to get him at 100-to-1 a few weeks ago, well, I’m jealous. But at 6-to-5, the value just isn’t there.

While I believe Lamar Jackson is the real deal, we’ve seen it all too often in this sport. A guy has a spectacular September, becomes the Heisman favorite, and then the public gets tired of that player being awesome. So the moment he has one bad game, he’s pushed aside for the guy who had the latest amazing game.

Jackson not only has to compete against every other player in the country right now, but against raised expectations as well.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Lamar Jackson skies to become the new Heisman Trophy favorite