In a move that means very little for actual football but everything for entertainment, the Patriots appear to be interested in another member of the Gronk family. Could Rob Gronkowski’s brother be joining him in New England?

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Patriots worked out Glenn Gronkowski on Monday.

Gronkowski, a fullback, spent some time with the Bills after going undrafted out of Kansas State. In the preseason, Gronkowski carried the ball seven times, picking up 30 yards. He was on the field for eight snaps during the Bills’ first game of the season, according to Pro Football Focus. He didn’t handle a single carry in that game.

Meet mini Gronk:

The Bills parted ways with Gronkowski after the game, which gives the Patriots an incredible opportunity. They already boast the league’s top tight-end duo in terms of both football and entertainment. Now, they could sign Gronkowski and boast the league’s best bro combo.

Imagine the possibilities: Two Gronks passing out ice cream in Boston. Two Gronks saying the Gronkiest things. Two Gronks posing as police officers. Two Gronks sipping chugging Fireball at the Patriots’ upcoming Super Bowl parade (teams can’t even beat them without Tom Brady and Gronk). You get the picture.

The only problem? We might need to call him something other than just Gronk, because that might get a bit confusing. My vote goes to GGronko, because that’s what he calls himself on Twitter, though all 14 of his tweets appear to be deleted.

To be clear, the Patriots only reportedly worked out GGronko. They haven’t signed him. But if they do, let’s give them their own reality show.

Source: CBS Sports / Patriots reportedly work out Rob Gronkowski’s younger brother