Give Rex Ryan credit. He’s consistent and unrelenting in his approach in that he’s always consumed by bravado, even after a week that included a second straight loss to begin the season and the dismissal of his offensive coordinator.

On Monday, Ryan, who should be burned by now from his hot seat, said that facing the Cardinals and the Patriots next is “exactly” what his 0-2 Bills need right now.

“This might be the exact team we need to play,” Ryan said, per the Buffalo News. “This might be the best team in the league. And maybe this is the exact team we need to play.

“And it’s back-to-back weeks, by the way,” Ryan added. “So you got (Cardinals coach) Bruce Arians this week and (Patriots coach Bill) Belichick next week. So it’s like, OK. I mean, probably there’s a few easier options than those two. But maybe this is exactly what we need.”

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Don’t worry, he went on to explain his reasoning.

Because,” he said, “if you’re 0-2 — our expectations were much higher than that. But against these two teams right here, it’s clear that they’re playing as well as any teams in the league, I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. I can’t see anybody playing better than what I saw on tape. So we’ll get to see immediately. I see we’ve had struggles. There’s no doubt about that. We’ve been far from perfect. I get that. But we’ll see how we measure up against maybe the best in the league here.”

I’m guessing everybody already knows how the Bills measure up against the league’s best. Not well.

You know what the Bills need? A date with the hapless Browns who are down to their rookie third-string quarterback. The Bills do not need to play the Cardinals, a team that journeyed to the NFC title game a season ago and looked the part on Sunday, when they dismantled the Buccaneers, 40-7. The Bills do not need to visit the Patriots, even if they might start their third-string quarterback, because Bill Belichick owns Ryan.

You know what the Bills might need? A new coach.

Ryan, a defensive-minded coach, can’t get seem to get the Bills’ defense to perform like a decent defense. The Bills are bad, in pretty much every area. The defense surrendered 37 points to the Jets and made Ryan Fitzpatrick look like an actual franchise quarterback.

The offense is pretty much entirely boom or bust, relying on the home-run ball and nothing else to put up points. Still, the offense at least scored 31 against the Jets. And the Bills responded by firing offensive coordinator Greg Roman — not a defensive coach, like another guy named Ryan.

If Bills fans are hoping for a regime change, they might need to wait until winter. According to CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora, Bills ownership isn’t considering any additional in-season switches.

We’ll see if that changes once the Bills likely drop to 0-4 after their upcoming games against superior foes.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Rex Ryan says facing Cardinals, Patriots next is ‘exactly’ what 0-2 Bills need