Just because the Raiders are making plans to move to Las Vegas doesn’t mean it’s actually going to happen.

Despite the fact that Vegas is just one step away from approving taxpayer funds for a new stadium, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell still doesn’t seem sold on putting a team in Sin City.

During an interview before the Packers-Vikings game on Sunday night, Goodell said that ideally, he’d like to see the Raiders remain in Oakland.

“Well, you never want to see a community lose their franchise once, much less twice,” Goodell said, via the Associated Press. “That’s why we work so hard with our communities to say, ‘This is what you have to try to get to,’ because you need to try to make sure this franchise continues to be successful.'”

Goodell then used the Vikings’ new $1.1 billion stadium as an example of what can get done when a small market team works with local lawmakers to build a stadium.

“The Minnesota community did that in a great way. I think we can do it in Oakland. I think there’s a solution there, but it takes the community to help identify it,” Goodell said.

If there’s a solution in Oakland, no one has come close to finding it. The biggest problem in the Bay Area is that city of Oakland has made it clear that it won’t be putting any public money toward a new stadium.

In Minnesota, taxpayers contributed $498 million out of the $1.1 billion total cost.

In Las Vegas, taxpayers would contribute $750 million of the total $1.9 billion cost. If there’s no public money available in Oakland, it’s hard to see the Raiders staying there, even if that’s what Goodell wants.

raiders-stadium-vegas-i15.pngA Raiders move to Vegas might not happen. Manica Architecture

As for Vegas, the public money needed for a new stadium could be approved in the next few months. The only remaining hurdle is a vote from the Nevada State Legislature. If they approve the $750 million in public funding, then that leaves just one obstacle: 24 NFL owners would have to approve a Raiders move to Vegas.

“There’s still a lot that has to happen before we would get to that stage,” Goodell said of an owners vote. “Recognizing that they came out of committee with a bill, but there’s still a lot of work to be done to improve that recommendation.”

The $750 million potentially being offered by the state of Nevada would be the most money that taxpayers have ever contributed to an NFL stadium, and if that funding gets approved, it’s highly unlikely that the NFL’s 32 owners would turn it down.

If the Raiders do move, it would be their third relocation in 56 years. The team moved from Oakland to Los Angeles before the 1982 season, then returned to Oakland before the 1995 season.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Roger Goodell sounds like he wants the Raiders to stay in Oakland